Why do we <3 Design?

Radar Five Media’s philosophy can be summarized with these four words:
REDUCE TO THE MAX” – it’s not alway easy to get hold of all the creative in- and output while building a product or brand from scratch, or working on new marketing ideas to push existing boundaries – but, we believe in the extraordinary – this paves the way to focus on the bare essentials.

What is a Remix?

You often hear people talk about a “REMIX” – nowadays, everything seems to have been here before; it’s like a permanent reinterpretation of something that has already existed – like a (digital) remix.  A brand or product has to develop that certain kind of ATTENTION in order to survive in the market. The “observer” / the customer is part of the “play”, that has to offer surprises, some turning points, comic reliefs and a call-to-action.

Why you should pick R5M?

Attention, the gold of the communication industry, is not easy to obtain.
That’s why we at R5M believe in the power of the unusual, the never-before-experienced.

Setting marketing goals and reaching those goals goes hand in hand with creative concepts, that awaken the customers’ emotions.

We’ve just launched this English website. So please bear with us, as we’ll be adding more content soon!

In the meantime, check out our sketchbook and sound/music samples.

Take a Look at our Sketchbook
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Radar Five Media – Creating Unique Audio-Visual Design

Print Design 20%
3D Modeling 10%
Graphic Design 20%
Film/Video/Animation 15%
Web Design 25%
Sound Design – Music Production 10%
Ring Floating 3D

Band Photography

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